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Why Knowing HTML Matters

Thinking of starting a Website to publish your thoughts or promote your business? While you can create “a site in just minutes – No HTML necessary!”, knowing the basics of the Web’s markup language and how it provides information to search robots about your site, influencing your site’s ranking, will give you an edge in building your online business.

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BUTCH and Harold Update

I just complete a major update to the Butch and Harold Website. A Yahoo store selling a line of peel-and-stick artware, photo frames and mini-stickers. Changes included a conversion of the site’s navigation structures and menus to accommodate an expanded product line.

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Websites For Artists

Here are some of the sites I’ve designed and built for clients in the commercial and fine arts. I offer them as examples of the simple, static, Web 1.0 sites, done very quickly for friends a few years ago. Today it’s much easier and more effective to establish an online presence using Web 2.0 tools […]

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