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Sekonic Blog Launched

Sekonic Blog - front pageI had the pleasure once again of working with Matt Hill of MacGroup USA to create a WordPress blog for one of their clients, the Sekonic Company, a premier manufacturer of photographic light meters. The Sekonic Blog uses a custom child theme derived from the Twentyten WordPress theme and incorporates Featured Images and customized excerpts to give post authors more control of what appears on the blog’s front page. The site also uses advanced CSS3 properties to create rounded corners, drop shadows and transition effects

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HTML Manual of Style

The HTML Manual of Style is a clear, concise reference for Hypertext Markup Language, including the exciting new features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It is intended as a guide for content creators and Web developers who wish to  create webpages pleasing to people and search robots. The book contains dozens of examples of HTML […]

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