Consulting and Training Sessions

Need to jump start your WordPress website? Or, boost it to the next level?

Buy an hour of my time for personalized WordPress consulting

Special introductory price — $129.00!      Money back guarantee!

I’ve been designing and building business and personal websites for over 20 years. Eight years ago, I took on my first WordPress project and WordPress is all I’ve been doing ever since.

How this works:

  1. Book an appointment using the widget above. Add a brief explanation of your question or problem
  2. I’ll confirm the appointment by email and send you an invoice for 1/4 of the fee
  3. You pay the initial invoice to secure the appointment
  4. We connect at the appointed hour by phone or online using Skype
  5. I solve your problem
  6. You receive and pay my invoice for the remaining part of the fee.

If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll let you know right away and there’ll be no charge.

If after the appointment you feel that I’ve not helped you, there will be no charge for the appointment.