Most of the work I’ve done in the past year has been building websites and blogs with WordPress. Here’s a collection of  posts I’ve written about them. You can also see some of the other websites I’ve worked on.

Portfolio Articles Website Launched With Stunning Images

Fovia website launched with stunning imagesI’m delighted to announce the launching of the new Fovia Inc. website. Fovia Inc. provides software development kits and related services for high-quality, high-speed 3D image rendering. The kind of image data that’s output by MRI, CT and industrial scanning machines.

What made this website so fascinating (and exciting to work on) are thousands of high resolution medical, archeological and industrial images showcasing the power and flexibility of Fovia’s XStream® HDVR® product.


Power of Music Debut

Announcing the launch of The Power of Music an eight-part, multimedia, professional development course for music educators. The video series and website provide an introduction to El Sistema, the pioneering approach to music education and illuminate the ways it is being adapted for in the U.S.

The website was developed for WNET / Thirteen public television with support from the Annenberg foundation. It features over 45 videos and 3 interactive applications. The website’s graphic design was done by Michael Pinto of with additional graphics by Gwen Singley.


Sekonic Blog Launched

Sekonic Blog - front pageI had the pleasure once again of working with Matt Hill of MacGroup USA to create a WordPress blog for one of their clients, the Sekonic Company, a premier manufacturer of photographic light meters. The Sekonic Blog uses a custom child theme derived from the Twentyten WordPress theme and incorporates Featured Images and customized excerpts to give post authors more control of what appears on the blog’s front page. The site also uses advanced CSS3 properties to create rounded corners, drop shadows and transition effects


New Oradell Website Launched

Oradell Animal Hospital website screenshotOradell Animal Hospital of Paramus New Jersey is one of the largest and best animal and pet care centers in the world. But its website was old and they were losing the graphics designer who did their updates. Their marketing director was looking for new ways to connect with their current clients and customer base. I recreated their current site’s structure and design in Wordpress with custom page templates, adding social sharing and other functionality with plugins, shortcodes and widgets.


Reimagine America

Reimagine America - front pageI just finished this site for Joyce Cordi, a management and business consultant based in San Jose, California. Joyce is passionate about politics and publishes podcasts speaking out about government waste and absurdities. She wanted a customized front page that pulled in content from her about and bio pages along with selected posts on various topics. I used a combination of custom page templates and shortcodes for her new WordPress website.


Profoto-USA rebuilt

Screen shot of Profoto-USA home page Repairing and rebuilding Profoto-USA’s blog on photographic lighting techniques and equipment. This was a fun job as I got to learn how to replace Wordpress 2 theme technology with WP 3.0 functions and features.

More… Has A New Website

onPhilanthropy.comI just finished a major project for Tom Watson, author of CauseWired, converting his website,, from a custom CMS to Wordpress. The new site, built on the Arthemia Premium theme, features modifications enabling it to carry ads from multiple sources, RSS feeds from companion sites and customized widget titles.


Air Safety And Law takes flight

AirSafetyAndLawAir Safety And Law is intended to serve as a forum for the legal community to discuss air travel safety and liability issues. The blog is a project of Kreindler & Kreindler, the law firm that handles most of the major aviation accidents.