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By now you probably have heard about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and how they provide proof of ownership for digital art. This is great for creators, allowing them to profit from their work, and exciting for investors who can afford six-figure sums for an image of a bored ape.

Securing and authenticating digital artwork is just one use of NFTs (and, yes, there’s a lot of hype and scams in that area.)

But there is another side of NFTs that is just as exciting: Creator Coins.



Listen Up

I’ve been working on a plugin that speaks content segments of a post or a page.

The plugin, ListenUp, provides four shortcodes:

  1. ListenUp will speak the text content enclosed between its opening and closing tags when that content is clicked.
  2. ListenUpExcerpt will provide a link that when clicked will fetch and speak the post excerpt.
  3. ListenUpImage will provide a link that when clicked will fetch and speak the description of an image.
  4. ListenUpCustom will provide a link that when clicked will speak the contents of a custom field.

This post provides examples of its use. I’ve published it so that my beta-testers, friends and others can see (and hear) it in operation before installing it on their WordPress websites. Eventually, I’ll add a story of how I developed the idea and put it into code.


Given the rise in hacking attacks and other forms of digital misbehavior, people are more cautious than ever about where they place their trust.

Google wants to help everyone manage their trust relationships and is making changes across their technology to nudge the Web onto secure platforms: https: and SSL. •••


I’m delighted to announce the launching of the new Fovia Inc. website. Fovia Inc. provides software development kits and related services for high-quality, high-speed 3D image rendering. The kind of image data that’s output by MRI, CT and industrial scanning machines.

What makes this website so fascinating (and exciting to work on) are thousands of high resolution medical, archeological and industrial images showcasing the power and flexibility of Fovia’s XStream® HDVR® product. If that’s not enough to perk your interest, check out the high resolution, fly-through movies.


Larry Aronson on

At MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston, October 2016. I was interviewed by Gemma Houghton for The topic: Capitalising On New Technologies.

Unfortunately, now redirects to a YouTube channel and our 11 minute conversion, “Capitalising On New Technologies” can’t be found.

However, I was impressed by their video setup and how they smoothly they conducted the interview. So I stuck around for the next one with Ann Handley to learn how it’s done.

One tech person handled all the equipment and, other than turning the cameras and lights on and off, spent most of interview monitoring the audio. Everything in their kit was lightweight and streamlined.

  • 3 video cameras on tripods. One trained on each of us and a third getting the two-shot. 
  • 2 large LED arrays on tripods behind and above the cameras as keylights plus two smaller arrays to wash out the shadows on the background.
  • A simple three-part background screen.
  • Lavalier microphones
  • Small sound mixing board

Gemma had all her questions on an iPad. This provided a guide for the editor and made it easier to create a transcript. 

I’ve been in and out of the TV world over the years. I’m amazed at how easy and inexpensive it’s become to create professional quality video and distribute it over the Web.

Is video a part of your Web offering? Are you capitalizing on new technologies to reach and engage new audiences?

You should.

Post updated – January 23, 2019.

Power of Music Debut

Power-of-Music-screenshotI am proud to announce that The Power of Music, a project I’ve been working on since June, has finally launched.

The Power of Music is an eight-part, multimedia, professional development course for music educators. The video series and website provide an introduction to El Sistema, the pioneering approach to music education and illuminate the ways it’s being adapted for teaching music in the U.S.

The website was developed for WNET/Thirteen public television with support from the Annenberg foundation. It features over 45 videos and 3 interactive applications. The website’s graphic design was done by Michael Pinto of with additional graphics by Gwen Singley.


Startup Secrets

Startup SecretsHow to pick a winning startup to work for

I was at the NY Tech Meetup last Tuesday evening. If you’re not familiar with it, the NY Tech Meetup is the largest monthly meetup anywhere.

For the September meeting, they usually pull out all the stops. True to form, it was awesome. Our mayor, Bill de Blasio, dropped by to make a Tech Sector booster speech (see approximate rendering at right).

The NY Tech Meetup is a demo-or-die event where 10 companies get 10 minutes each to show their stuff. There’s no judging. But let’s face it – attendees are picking winners and losers.

During the short Q&A sessions between demos one question is taboo: What’s your business plan?


GoDaddy Update Question

A client recently wrote:

I got an email from GoDaddy and spoke to an agent about updating [the website].

I didn’t understand much of what he was explaining but he said it was not that hard to do. He said I need to back up and move the content over to the new platform. Something called a linix C panal web hosting.

I answered:

GoDaddy is trying to get you to move [the website] into their new-ish account management structure in order to make it easier to sell you additional hosting products and services. This is separate from your domain name registrations with GoDaddy which won’t have to be renewed for another couple of years.

  • You DO have to renew your Web hosting agreement for [the website] by Sept. 8.
  • You don’t have to change the hosting plan.
  • It would be a good idea to backup [the website] in any case.

Your current hosting plan is called, “Economy Classic Hosting Linux” and GoDaddy wants to move/upgrade you to “Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel”.  In anticipation, they’ve already setup the new account with a dummy website and a separate username/password. The new plan would cost you $6.99/mo whereas your current plan is $5.99/mo.

Linux is the preferred operating system for Web servers. It’s very similar to MacOS – like two sisters who went to different schools and dress differently. cPanel is software for managing an account on a Linux server. Like the Systems Preferences application on a Mac, it has a number of panels for changing your settings and adding/removing features.

If you have no interest in adding new features to [the website] – i.e: email accounts, e-commerce packages, premium support – don’t upgrade, just renew the current plan. I can help you with that.

Don’t let GoDaddy persuade you that [the website] needs more than “economy” level resources. Although it is a gallery website, all of the images are optimized for quick loading and minimal bandwidth. The web pages are simple HTML, requiring no extra resources on the server for the amount of traffic you anticipate.